What is a Fetish Club?

Within a fetish club environment, there is freedom for each person to explore their own sexuality, but at the same time there are rules and codes of conduct for behavior. Touching anyone without permission or any form of harassment is strictly forbidden. Prejudices are not allowed in the club (i.e. homophobia), and assumptions about other people are not recommended.

Etiquette is especially important in play spaces. Be considerate at all times. Do not make loud comments that might distract the players. Be careful where you stand or walk, as you could walk into the path of a whip. If people are using the equipment the last thing they want is someone being hurt accidentally. Don’t interfere while people are playing without express permission-this includes the aftercare phase of play.

Although interaction between players and watchers is not prohibited, don’t assume that because someone is playing they’ll want you to join in. Fetish clubs are not singles nights; they are usually attended by couples or groups. If you spend some time watching, you’ll see that some couples are happier left alone, while other players are keen for others to join in. Always ask politely and accept a ‘no’ when you hear it, as others will give you the same respect.

Look but don’t gawk. This is not a sex show, though sex is not prohibited between consenting parties. We strongly recommend safe sex at all times.

A submissive does not have to submit to any dominant, nor does a dominant have to pay attention to any submissive. A dominant should not give orders to another dominant’s submissive without that dominant’s permission. Think before you act.

If you want to play with someone, just ask them. But, accept the first answer they give. If someone asks you to play with them, remember how much effort it took for them to ask you before giving your answer.