The FAQ for “TEMPLE”

The FAQ for “TEMPLE”

Published December 30, 2019 

PLEASE take a few minutes to read entirely before contacting us, because we will send you here anyway if your question is answered here.

1. Q. Is TEMPLE a “public event”?

A. No. TEMPLE is a private, members only event.

2. Q. How do I become a member?

A. The processes is not hard. Show up to our next members only event, fill out and sign the membership application, show your ID (no exceptions! You MUST have ID!), pay your annual membership fee of $30 for the year and the $30 cover for the night. READ & AGREE to the rules of conduct. All new members subject to probation period. You can also do all of this online at our members page: You must still present your ID at the desk, but if you’ve already filled out your membership form and paid your membership and cover online, it streamlines the process.

3. Q. Can my partner and I sign up as a couple?

A. Each person must have their own membership. If you try to add both names to one membership, it will be deleted, and you’ll have to sign up and pay for membership again. No refunds.

4. Q. Where is Temple held?

A. PC’s 11431 Perrin Beitel Rd San Antonio, TX 78217

5. Q. When is Temple held?

A. The last Sunday of every month, from 8pm to 12am

6. Q. I purchased a ticket and had an emergency. Can it be used for another TEMPLE event? Or… I purchased a ticket for next month’s event. Oops! Now what?

A. YES! Life happens, and we understand that. If your ticket hasn’t been used, just let us know at the next event you attend that you have one that hasn’t been used. Staff will look it up and change it to that night’s event. The same if you accidentally purchased a ticket for the wrong event.

7. Q. Is there alcohol sold at TEMPLE?

A. No. Temple is a BYOB event. You can bring your own small coolers, alcohol or beer, but we don’t allow you to bring in anything that is sold at the bar. Coke, Sprite, DP, all the standard soft drinks. !!!PLEASE NOTE!!! If we see that you are drunk, we WILL kick you out (after making sure your date is driving, of course). We expect people to behave responsibly. Drunk is NOT sexy! It is also not possible to obtain clear consent with a drunk person. If you play with someone who is intoxicated, you can face criminal charges. TOF cooperates fully with police and victims in case of consent violations.

8. Q. As a single male, am I welcome at the Club?

A. You are as welcome as anyone else coming to the Club, and your cover and membership is no different than anyone else’s cost. We don’t discriminate as to gender, marital status, sexual preference or age (over 18, of course). Please note: You still must follow the golden rule: No touching of anybody without their consent! You will be instantly banned for life. Just don’t.

9. Q. My partner and I are already members of PC’s. Can we use that membership to come in?

A. No. TOF is a completely separate entity. Each person must fill out our membership form and join TOF. The owners of TOF and the owners of PC’s are different people. There are no couples’ memberships.

10. Q. Who goes to TEMPLE?

A. Anyone at all. There is the over 18 rule, but there is no upper age limit. Male, female, TV, TS, gay, bi, straight, single or attached, are all welcome. We expect EVERY PERSON to be tolerant……….or they are escorted out of the Club.

11. Q. Where do I go for help?

A. Any Staff Member, Bar Staff, Door Staff, Management, Front Desk. All of these people will be able to direct you to someone that can help. Look for the LED scrolling badges.

12. Q. Is a single female safe at Temple?

A. We do not tolerate touching without consent or badgering of any of our members. If you feel the least bit nervous, find a staff member, and we’ll make sure whatever behavior is causing you discomfort is stopped immediately. We’ve been told by many single females that they feel safer there than at a regular bar.

13. Q. What is the dress code?

A. Dress Code: We DO have a Dress Code and it WILL BE ENFORCED. Aside from dressing to the month’s theme, we encourage fetish/sluttish wear, dresses, lingerie (you can change in the bathroom), slacks, button-down shirts, suits, neat and clean hair. When in doubt, think business casual or even preppy… Appropriate business casual or preppy dress typically includes slacks or khakis, dress shirt or blouse, open-collar or polo shirt, optional tie or seasonal sport coat, a dress or skirt, a blazer, loafers or dress shoes, nice leather sandals, and slacks style shorts. Athletic wear, flip flops, non-dress Crocs, baseball caps, dew rags, ragged or dirty t-shirts, wifebeater shirts, sweats, ragged or ripped jeans, dirty shoes, and drooping baggy pants will absolutely NOT be allowed in. If you look like you’ve just come from a construction site or your couch, please rethink your outfit. We won’t allow you in. Please, put a little effort into your outfit. You are there to meet and mingle, so keep it classy & make it sexy-it counts! Make a good impression! 

14. Q. Can I ask people to play?

A. Yes. If you want to play with someone, just ask them. But, accept the first answer they give. If someone asks you to play with them, remember how much effort it took for them to ask you before giving your answer. Respect the limits of others and they will respect yours. Remember, No means No! Also remember the golden rule: No touching without consent!

15. Q. What are “status bands”?

A. Status bands are free wristbands available at the door, that tell others at a glance that you are open to discussing play. There are 3: Top Seeking Play, Bottom Seeking Play, and Switch Seeking Play. Someone wearing one of the bands is open to DISCUSSION of play, but that’s not automatic consent for anything except talking. Don’t be offended if they say no. They might be seeking something other than what you offer. Be respectful, introduce yourself politely, respect personal space, and if their answer is “no” respect it. Creepy or aggressive behavior is a permanent ticket out of the club.

16. Q. I don’t want to travel in my club outfit. Can I get changed at the Club?

A. Yes, you are welcome to change in the club. We do not provide a place to store your clothing or toys, so the safety of your personal items is your own responsibility. We do not tolerate theft, and anyone caught stealing will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

17. Q. I’m trying to book a den online, and they always show that they are sold out. Help! I want to reserve a den!

A. Dens are very limited and sell out fast, so they are made available on the same day as the newsletter comes out: On the 10th of each month. If it is after the 10th, but before the event, the dens are indeed sold out. We cannot reserve a den for you if you contact us privately. It is all done online. No exceptions. Bugging/begging us for dens will not change this. While we would like to accommodate all requests, this is the fairest way we could come up with.

18. Q. I’m trying to figure out how to reserve a table. How do I do this?

A. We only offer table reservations during our annual Fetish Ball. We suggest you arrive early. If there are no tables available, ask someone who has one if you can join. Our members are pretty friendly, and this is a great way to meet people!

19. Q. Do I have to play? Can I just come to the club and watch?

A. You are not expected to play. We encourage people to come and enjoy the atmosphere, the music and visuals. We try to provide a relaxing, safe and fun environment. If you act creepy or get too close to someone playing while you are watching, you’ll be asked to move or leave.

20. Q. Can I bring in a camera or video, or my camera phone?

A. NO. The use of cameras (including camera phones) inside the venue is strictly prohibited, and if caught you’ll be escorted out, your phone or camera may be confiscated. If you wish to use your telephone to make calls, please use the lobby area or go outside to do so.

21. Q. What are the things that will get me permanently banned from Temple and the Fetish Ball?

A. Touching any person without consent, creepy behavior as determined by staff, disrespecting or talking down to staff, stealing (we reserve the right to search members leaving the club, so don’t try it!),  doing damage to TOF or PC’s property, drunk and stupid behavior, giving alcohol to a minor, attempting to take photos ANYWHERE in the building, ‘outing’ other members, drama, homophobia or intolerance in any form, illegal drugs, and any other thing that TOF owners deem unacceptable behavior that shows you as anything other than a responsible, respectful adult. If you have been banned from PC’s, you are also banned from Temple.

22. Q. Why don’t you answer your phone/Facebook/Fetlife immediately?

A. TOF has always been a labor of love by unpaid volunteers. As we’ve expanded we have added staff, but not staff just to answer questions that are 99.9% of the time non-urgent. Our phone always has been announce only, and no, we are not going to change it so people can leave voicemails with every question they have. Believe it or not, we Unpaid Volunteers have a life outside of TOF. We all work and have other things to do than be available on YOUR schedule and timeline to answer questions that are usually answered by this FAQ or by waiting until the newsletter comes out on the 10th of each month. If we feel the question is urgent, we will answer. Otherwise, our free time belongs to us, not to our 3000+ members. It is unrealistic and selfish of people to expect that we (the unpaid volunteers) will drop everything in order to answer a non-urgent question, though we DO try to get to them as soon as we are able. 

23. Q. What type of play is observed by TEMPLE night?

A. R.A.C.K. – Risk Aware Consensual Kink. You take full responsibility for your play.

24. Q. I want to volunteer. Who do I contact?

A. Due to past severe abuse of this system, we are no longer accepting volunteers in exchange for free entry. Positions are now paid positions, and must be worked for the entire shift. Contact pr@templeofflesh for more details.

25. Q. I want to vend. Who do I contact?

A. We have 3 or 4 vending spots available. They are $50, and no set-up or tear-down is allowed during the event. We have added vending spots to our system, so you can book your vending spot online. If they show on the shopping cart, they are available-otherwise, they will say “sold out”. Our setup starts at 2pm. You must be all set up before the doors open to our VIP members at 7:30. You must also stay through the entire event. You need to bring your own lighting!