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The FAQ for “TEMPLE”

The FAQ for “TEMPLE”

Published December 30, 2019 

PLEASE take a few minutes to read entirely before contacting us, because we will send you here anyway if your question is answered here.

1. Q. Is TEMPLE a “public event”?

A.… Continue reading

2016 SA Fetish Ball

So work has started to move faster on the 2016 San Antonio Fetish Ball for Sunday March 27th, look for changes coming fast on the website.

Fetish Con this coming week

We are off to Fetish Con to have some fun and find some new talent for next years fetish ball.

San Antonio Fetish Ball

Working on getting the web and graphics done plus finishing booking all the performers

Nov TEMPLE – Posting

Busy putting out the posting on the web for the November TEMPLE-SAT, the weekend before Thanks Giving … A chance to enjoy your self before the crazy week starts.

Excited for Sunday TEMPLE

I am excited for the Sunday TEMPLE, it should be an amazing fun time.


We are working on getting all the infor up for our extended to 2am May TEMPLE-SAT event .. this is going to be an amazing fun time .. come and enjoy it with us.

San Antonio Fetish Ball

We are working hard on the San Antonio Fetish Ball, we are booking acts, updating the website, working on the flyers and posters and setting it all up .. in place of TEMPLE-SAT in March we are having… Continue reading

Deviant & Delicious

The gorgeous Jessica Rabbit is in town from LA for TEMPLE-SAT this month!!

We are starting our wild weekend, tonight, at Deviant and Delicious!

Come join San Antonio's young and kinky, in a vanilla setting, enjoying the company of… Continue reading

Bedpost Confessions in Austin

Yes we are headed to bedpost confessions. We have never been I hope this goes great always looking for something new and exciting. We will have a review of the evening later.

For your viewing pleasure….

We are updating our gallery with tawdry and titillating images from TEMPLE OF FLESH's past! 

Fun Shoot

So we are doing a little shoot tonight. Sexy girls and sexy times. Make up stuff