The FAQ for “TEMPLE”

The FAQ for “TEMPLE”

Published July 28, 2019 

PLEASE take a few minutes to read entirely before contacting us, because we will send you here anyway if your question is answered here.

1. Q. Is TEMPLE a “public event”?

A.… Continue reading

Ray Mrtnz

a DJ rooted in San Antonio’s underground scene with 18+ years and counting, started out playing the grity bass shaking sounds of DnB/ Jungle which later evolved into the melodic 4 on-the-floor beats of House/Tech House & Techno. He will… Continue reading

Lost and Found at TEMPLE

  Missing Something? Contact to identify & claim your item; pick up or postage will be your responsibility. Items will be held for 90 days and then given away or donated to our annual charity silent auction.  

DJ Ravnos

It all started back in 2004 when Ravnos was 16. After having his first club experience at “The World Famous” Lizard Lounge in his home town of Dallas Texas, the interest was peaked. Scouring the internet he discovered great DJ’s… Continue reading


What is a Fetish Club?

Within a fetish club environment, there is freedom for each person to explore their own sexuality, but at the same time there are rules and codes of conduct for behavior. Touching anyone without permission or any form of harassment is… Continue reading


Rules for  “Member only events” If you should ever go to one of our “Member only events” these are the rules that apply.

1) NO means NO – Respect everyone’s ability to tell you No

2) Touching – No… Continue reading