VJ Bios

Our VJ’s have created custom content for every TOF event–paintings, slides, films, digital projectors, single frame projectors, interactive eye projectors, all integrated into a balanced performance that captivates viewers and complements the evening.

Tofenberg Media

Video custom presented for every event, providing the most erotic visuals with a twisted style to make you think and enjoy your evening.

VJ Biotek

He has been expressing his own style and taste of the visual arts for over 2 years. Introduced to the art of vjing by +10Hp Visuals, he developed his own eclectic, abstract and sometimes bizarre style of video sampling. His… Continue reading

+10 Hit Points

 The VJs they are great friends, and they do truly amazing things. (Imagine, if you will, 4 -8 video projectors all around the club with live video mixing all night. Now imagine some of the most nasty, erotic shit… Continue reading