DJ Bios

Our DJ’s pack the dance floor, but you want more. Find out about your favorite music mixologists here!

Dj Depraved

DJ Depraved: Hailing from the Midwest, DJ Depraved has roots in radio. Starting with Das Klub Radio and moving on to The Requiem Industrial Podcast. Upon moving to Texas he has helped build the goth/industrial scene in San Antonio, held… Continue reading

DJ Pr0phet

An old school industrial Dj that blazed a grinding path for so many others to follow. You can find him still cranking the machine of industrail sounds in Austin at Elysium on a regular basis. Pr0phet keeps the scary and… Continue reading

DJ Ghost

Often seen dancing himself, Ghost brings a style as eclectic as it is adaptive, selecting songs to suit the situation. With music ranging from electronic to industrial, rock to rap, pop to indie, disco to goth, and more, you never… Continue reading


SYN13 – A Veteran of the Texas electronic music scene DJ SYN13 has been djing for over 10 years spinning a variety that spans multiple genres. He is a true audiophile with a passion for music that evokes emotions best… Continue reading

Dj MiseryMachine

Hailing from San Antonio, Texas, the sultry siren DJ Miserymachine, mixing only the finest smoldering modern Dark Electro, expertly beat-matched with the absolute best highlights of Classic Industrial.

DJ Miserymachine is an intoxicating and vital addition to take any event… Continue reading

Dj Britton

DJ Britton began his tutelage as a DJ in the late 90’s under DJ’s “Twilight” and “Project”. With their guiddance he developed the skills to create the seamless and distinctive flow he is known for within the Austin scene. Over… Continue reading

DJ Heather Feather

With almost two decades of experience behind the decks, DJ Heather Feather is a techno performance artist, transforming herself into a musical enigma, bending minds and melting faces with her sick beats. She has graced the booth in the local… Continue reading

Dj Jeremy Inkel (Special Guest)

Vancouver Canada. Keyboard player and for Left Spine Down (LSD) and electro-industrial band Front Line Assembly (FLA) as well as producing tracks for musicians worldwide.

By 2003, Inkel co-founded Left Spine Down with… Continue reading

Dj Lyra

Originally hailing from SL,UT (Salt Lake, Utah), DJ Lyra Shae has come to Texas to spin industrial, darkwave, ebm, and aggrotech. From the newest underground tracks to club staples, on-the-fly remixes and surprising covers, you’ll never know quite just what… Continue reading

Mextress Black Bunny

No Bio at this time but we are looking forward to her mix this month.

dj overlord

N0, not that Dj Overload the other one .. not not that dj Overload but the one from Texas, well south Texas .. yeah that guy .. he is the one.

DJ Ravnos

It all started back in 2004 when Ravnos was 16. After having his first club experience at “The World Famous” Lizard Lounge in his home town of Dallas Texas, the interest was peaked. Scouring the internet he discovered great DJ’s… Continue reading

DJ Hans 242

He will be back on stage at Temple for the first time since 2009. Frank aka DJ Hans 242 has been creating unique on-the-fly mixes of Retro 80’s, Industrial and other Electronic Music Genres, as well as Reggae, Rock and… Continue reading

DJ Pulp

Started DJing way back then before he can remember. Using the moniker, Gasmask Cowboy, He started out in the club scene playing industrial and agro-tech with a perchance to keep people moving seamlessly. After the passing of Atomix he moved… Continue reading

DJ MadMax

 DJ MadMax – (Bio Pending)

DJ Thrive

  DJ Thrive –  Relative new comer, but regular staple of the Thirsty Camel, Holland has been djing in San Antonio for just about three years. He has an eclectic blend of everything from shoegazer to dub to… Continue reading


Taking inspiration from UK Acid Techno artists, 1980s industrial acts and the 1990’s Rave Scene, Star23’s sound is as unique as the dance floor he is controlling. He is a DJ who is not bound by any specific genre. Star23… Continue reading

DJ Nephandius

He is an Austin based music lover who has been spinning in Texas for over 4 years. He brings his eclectic music tastes to the audience spinning a mixture of electronic dance music mixed with whatever fits the emotions of the dance floor.

DJ Cilly C

Cilly C is a DJ for the people. As long as those people like funky funky music. He prides himself in being a dancer first, a dj second and a producer last. He feels that thinking in this order allows… Continue reading


Junglist and DnB Turntablist from back in the day, got his start up in the Northern States. After taking some time of off to serve his country and relocating to San Antonio, He’s back behind the decks playing the best… Continue reading

DJ Spinlock

The Wildest DJ on the tables, his style of music and dance is dark, stompin’ and sexual. The crowd cannot help but grind to the beats. He brings the Euro beats you know and love and makes them scream. If… Continue reading


If you where in SA in the 80s you may have danced to his early mixing at clubs like Changes and Phases or it you attend any of the TOF events at the Wild Club or Sam’s Burger joint you… Continue reading

DJ Malidication

A San Antonio ICON and mainstay of the Retro-80s /New wave/ Dark Wave scene. The number of people that love what he can do with the Retro genre of music is Amazing. The floor is always packed all night and the sounds are great.

DJ Danimal J Sky (the original & only DJ Sky)

He has excelled as a producer, musician, remixer, & DJ. Born and raised in Miami, Danimal started his music career early while living in Atlanta. With production skills that matched his prowess behind the turntables, remixes and original tracks have… Continue reading

DJ House

House play the sounds of the ultimate dance clubs, and you can’t help but want to move your body. His day job has dragged him away from his first love of cranking up the dance floor. He recently played in… Continue reading

Dj Edminister

Dj’s at Austin Texas’ Elysium Nightclub. He spins retro, old school EBM, synthpop, industrial, goth, terrorbanana, and futuremelon but do not like to be pigeonhole him. If it’s good he will make it work. This is his 15th year as… Continue reading


Heff-Ra – Inspired by the ‘ambient house’ movement of the early ’90s, Heff-Ra began his DJ career in college radio, transmitting musical experiments from ‘The Event Horizon.’ Late night broadcasts soon evolved, blossoming into parties around the state of Texas.… Continue reading

DJ Minxx

She began her turntable talents more than 6 years ago under the tutelage of San Antonio’s own Dj Instafunk, who introduced her to the world of Djing and nurtured her blossoming interest. After quickly developing an addiction to djing, Grammy… Continue reading

DJ RedRayn

After years in and around the underground scene of Austin, San Antonio he final took to the dj booths early last year, taking the dance floor head on with dark electro beats and industrial strength leads. We are expecting amazing… Continue reading

Dj Circadian

 A long time dj of the San Antonio Industrial Scene, Circadian has a dark and populare style that keeps you hot and moving. He is very busy and booked almost every night. I am happy his heavy schedule has… Continue reading

DJ Vyndel

A long time club Dj of San Antonio, that effortliessly mixes trance, industrial,EBM with a style like no other DJ. We are very happy to have Vyndel for the first time at the San Antonio Fetish Ball. If you see… Continue reading

Mr. Scandal

Has been in the fetish scene for close to 15 years, and has been pleasing crowds with his underground sound for 7 years. He was a founding member of the now defunct, Kommencement in Baltimore, MD where he spun weekly… Continue reading